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Cultural Identity Counseling

We all have a cultural identity that can be comprised of factors such as ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and many more.  If you sometimes struggle with making sense of your identity and how these factors intersect, then you may find cultural identity counseling helpful.  Coming from a multiracial and multicultural background, as well as a second-generation American, I understand the complexities of navigating this experience from both a personal and professional perspective.  


Cultural Identity Counseling may be Right for you if you Experience:

  • A desire to further explore how you identify racially, ethnically or culturally

  • Feelings of confusion or difficulty navigating how your race or ethnicity may intersect with other identities such as gender, class or sexual orientation

  • Feeling pressure to fit your identity in a "box"

  • Difficulty balancing how different cultural identities present in different spheres of your life

  • Feeling misunderstood, judged or discriminated against by people in your life who identify differently

  • Feelings of stress or fear about joining a family of a different culture or race

  • A desire to further connect to or explore the stories and experiences of your ancestors

How I can Help:

  • Provide a safe and judgment-free zone for you to process and work through your experience

  • Explore ways to balance cultural norms/values with healthy boundaries, communication and relationships

  • Offer validation and understanding regarding certain feelings and societal pressures you may experience

  • Help you find ways to celebrate your various cultural identities and experiences

  • Utilize mindfulness-based techniques to learn to sit with ambiguity as well as cultivate self-compassion and acceptance

  • Help you develop coping and relaxation tools to utilize when you are feeling activated

  • Suggest relevant books, articles and tools that can help you to gain a deeper understanding of your experience

Cultural Symptoms

Victoria provides cultural identity counseling to clients living throughout New York, New Jersey and Colorado.  

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