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Depression and Grief Counseling

I have many years of experience specializing in therapy and counseling for depression, grief and mood disorders. For some people, depression can be a struggle on and off throughout most of their lives, while for others depression may be triggered by a major loss, life transition or stressor.  One of the most challenging aspects of depression is the way that it can impact your thinking, making you feel like things are hopeless and will never get better.  It can also impact your self esteem, making you feel bad about yourself or incapable.  Luckily, depression is a very treatable condition, and I'm here to help.


Depression Can Feel Like:

  • No longer finding pleasure or interest in the things you usually enjoy

  • Finding it difficult to function or find energy to complete your normal routine

  • Persistent feelings of sadness, worthlessness, hopelessness, shame or irritability

  • Wanting to isolate and withdraw from your relationships

  • Difficulty focusing

  • Difficulty sleeping, or sleeping too much

  • Having a hard time making decisions

  • Struggling to plan for or picture the future

How I can Help:

  • Help you with goal-setting, including breaking down tasks into more achievable chunks to boost your likelihood of success, mood and motivation

  • Utilize a holistic approach to look at your habits, lifestyle choices and sleep hygiene and make changes that may benefit your mood

  • Teach concepts from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy to help you identify and change your relationship to distorted, negative and depressive thoughts

  • Helping you to better understand the complexities of the grieving process, hold space for your feelings and deal with complicated emotions that can come up, such as guilt

  • Integrate mindfulness-based strategies to conquer self-judgment, build self-compassion and acceptance for your life as it is

  • Help you to dig deeper with psychodynamic psychotherapy and draw connections between your past experiences and the narrative you have in the present regarding your self-worth, value and capabilities

  • Assist you in building, and learn to feel worthy of utilizing, a balanced support system

  • Suggest relevant books, articles and tools that can help you to get a deeper understanding of your condition and make progress in between sessions

Victoria provides counseling for depression and grief to clients living throughout New York, New Jersey and Colorado.  

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