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Postpartum Therapy

If you have been experiencing depression, anxiety, or other emotional difficulties following childbirth, postpartum therapy may be right for you. Postpartum depression and anxiety are very common in women as they recover from childbirth and adjust to parenthood, whether you experienced these conditions prior to having a child or not.  Having support during this difficult time can be extremely helpful in dealing with the complicated emotions that can arise after childbirth, and being able to be the most present version of yourself for you and your child.  I have a great deal of experience in this area, and am here to help.  


Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Can Feel Like:

  • Recurrent feelings of inadequacy and overwhelm

  • Feelings of hopelessness

  • Intrusive negative thoughts or images

  • Feelings of panic

  • Self-doubt

  • Feelings of frustration, anger or irritability

  • Difficulty feeling attached to your baby

  • Frequent crying

How I can Help:

  • Help you develop coping skills and make time for a self-care routine to physically calm down your nervous system and reconnect to your sense of self

  • Assist you in identifying your natural strengths that can be drawn from in parenting

  • Help you to process experiences and memories from your own childhood that may be surfacing as you take on this new challenge

  • Teach communication techniques that can help you and your partner better manage the impact of stress on your relationship

  • Utilize concepts from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy to help you change your relationship to "scary" or intrusive thoughts

  • Validate and help you find acceptance for your unique experience of parenthood

  • Teach you to rethink the way you respond to new responsibilities through mindfulness-based strategies including cultivating present-moment awareness, self-compassion and acceptance

  • Suggest relevant books, articles and tools that can help you to get a deeper understanding of your experience and make progress in between sessions

Postpartum Symptoms

Victoria provides therapy for postpartum depression and anxiety to clients living throughout New York, New Jersey and Colorado.  

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