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Therapy for Anxiety

If you find yourself feeling frequently overwhelmed, confused and stressed, therapy for anxiety may be helpful for you.  Anxiety is an extremely common phenomenon that most people have experienced at some point in their lives.  In fact, some amount of anxiety can be helpful (and healthy) in motivating you to start your day, complete a task or maintain your relationships.  However, sometimes this experience of time-to-time anxiety can expand to feel overwhelming, all-consuming or difficult to escape.  I'm here to help.


Anxiety Can Feel Like:

  • Constant worrying that won't stop

  • Difficulty turning your brain "off"

  • Thoughts that feel repetitive and intrusive

  • Difficulty focusing

  • Physical restlessness or tension

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Ongoing stomach aches with no clear medical cause

  • Racing thoughts

  • Feeling like you are always behind or never doing "enough"

  • Feeling consumed with trying to plan for things out of your control

How I can Help:

  • Help you develop coping skills and a self-care routine to physically calm down your nervous system

  • Utilize concepts from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy to help you change your relationship to anxious thoughts

  • Teach you to rethink the way you respond to stressful situations through mindfulness-based strategies including cultivating present-moment awareness, self-compassion and acceptance for your life as it is

  • Help you to dig deeper and draw connections between your past experiences and the pressures and expectations that you put on yourself in the present

  • Suggest relevant books, articles and tools that can help you to get a deeper understanding of your condition and make progress in between sessions

Anxiety Symptoms

Victoria provides therapy for anxiety to clients living throughout New York, New Jersey and Colorado.  

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