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Therapy for ADHD

Whether you have a prior diagnosis of ADHD or have been struggling lately with focus, attention and procrastination, therapy for ADHD may be beneficial for you.  Some people are diagnosed with this condition in childhood or adolescence, while others have started to notice these symptoms more in the context of transitioning to work from home or changing structure in the workplace.  I have experience helping clients facing such challenges develop tools to feel more in control, less avoidant and more confident.


Challenges With Attention can Feel Like:

  • Struggling to complete tasks

  • Persistent procrastination and avoidance

  • Feeling deficient

  • Frequently misplacing things

  • Experiencing frequent feelings of self-doubt

  • Intense anxiety about deadlines and projects

  • Difficulty focusing

  • Physical restlessness or tension

  • Experiencing challenges with attention and focus in both your work and personal life

How I can Help:

  • Help you develop coping skills and a self-care routine to physically calm down your nervous system and be more present

  • Utilize concepts from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy to help you change your relationship to anxious and self-doubting thoughts

  • Build practical strategies and tools to break down tasks into manageable parts and build upon small successes

  • Teach you to rethink the way you respond to high-pressure situations through mindfulness-based strategies including cultivating present-moment awareness, self-compassion and acceptance for the current situation

  • Suggest relevant books, articles and tools that can help you to get a deeper understanding of your condition and make progress in between sessions

Victoria provides therapy for ADHD to clients living throughout New York, New Jersey and Colorado.  

ADHD Symptoms
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